48pcs tablet charging station
October 16, 2018
55 inch interactive lcd whiteboard for education
October 16, 2018

64pcs tablet charging station

Protection: lightning, overload, leakage, isolation, overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, overcharge, perfusion, surge.

Heat dissipation: There are cooling holes and fan for heat dissipation.

Material: Metal + flame retardant ABS

64pcs tablet charging station


Item Specification
Accessories Charging station with wheels *1
Door keys* 2pcs
Power cord*1pc
User manual*1
Warranty 1 year
Basic Product size: 580 x 480 x 1260(mm)
Charging tablet work area size 315x215x28(mm)
Carton size: 620*520*1320(mm)
G.W. 64KG
Main material Metal + flame retardant ABS
Hardware Power performance Standard: AC 110V/220V 50/60Hz 10A
Optional: AC 100V~240V 50/60Hz  10A
Product power 800W
Heat dissipation system Intelligent temperature control + strong exhaust fan *2
Output port 5V/2.1A
I/O interface USB2.0*64pcs tablets
Status indicator lamp Power led: Blue, charging: red,  full (standby) green
Emergency AC socket Standard: three hole socket *2pcs
optional: other standard plugs.
External USB charging interface Optional
System compatibility Android yes
IOS yes
Windows yes
Fast charging protocol compatibility Standard Apple, BC1.2 (DCP), HUAWEI-FCP, MTK PE, SAMSUNG-AFC
Optional QUICK Charge, USB-PD
Strong electricity protection function Lightning protection yes
Surge protection yes
overload protection yes
Leakage protection yes
Isolation protection yes
Weak current protection function Overcurrent protection yes
Overvoltage protection yes
Short circuit protection yes
Overcharge protection yes
Perfusion protection yes
Intelligent temperature control Optional
Cable voltage drop compensation Optional
Supplementary instructions
Cabinet 1、The Charging station cabinet is made of spared surface steel, thickness: 1.0-1.2mm.
2、Cabinet with handrails, and round corners for protection.
Door 1、Both front and back doors are with locks, but different. front door for putting the tablet inside charging, back door for maintenance.
2、Door material is steel, anti-thief.
Wheels The charging station has universal wheels with braking function.
Tablet charging space 1、Charging 32/48/64pcs tablet at the same time.
2、Baffle plate is steel or anti-fire ABS material, ABS thickness 3.0mm.
3、Charging tablet size :  7”10.1”12”, the net space for tablet from tablet is≥30mm (excluding baffle plate thickness).
4、reasonable space design, charging wire orderly
Cabinet heat dissipation 1、There are cooling holes on the side of the cabinet.
2、there is a cooling fan, automatically open after power.
3.The exhaust capacity of the fan system is more than 4 times per minute than the cabinet area.
Charging 1、support 32/48/64pcs road USB charging, each USB design full load rated output: voltage 5V, current 2.1A.
2、every USB supports short circuit protection, over current and over voltage protection.
3、after a USB interface is damaged, it will not affect the use of other USB interfaces.
4、After the tablet charging is completed, the power will be cut off automatically without setting up the charging time, reducing the operation burden and operating errors.
overload protection 1. Double open band leakage protection device:
a. A. rated residual action current (with leakage protection and overload protection) IΔn≤30mA;
b. The breaking time of residual current action TΔn≤0.1s;
c. rated current:In≥3A.
2、Over-current protection at the charging port. When the current is 3A, cut off the power supply. When the current is normal, self-recovery charging should be carried out.
3、When the power output is higher than 5.7V-6.75V, the power supply stops supplying power to the charging motherboard and restores the power supply after the voltage is normal.
Indicator device 1、There is LED light beside each tablet , indicating the tablet current charging status: charging red or full is green. Blue power indicator light is arranged on the right side of each charging motherboard.
2、The LED is installed on the front of the cabinet, and all the charging indicator led for tablets can be observed through the closed front door of the cabinet.
power 1、rated voltage 220V, power 400/600/800W, power line is more than 1.5 meters.