65-inch touch display kits
October 30, 2018

Students Response System

Students response system is a tool for real-time interaction and feedback in class teaching that can meet the normal daily use of teaching for different scenarios, such as quiz, test, and race.

It can maximize the participation enthusiasm and effectiveness of teacher-student class interaction, from individual participation to all participation, from participation by roll call to free participation, helping teachers to effectively manage the class, improving the teaching efficiency, and solving the problems encountered by teachers in class, such as the class is dull, the discipline is not well controlled, the participation enthusiasm is low, and the students are distracted.

Main function of the software

  • Support quick quiz of single choice & multiple choice, judgement

        Question type including single choice, multiple choice, judgement

  • Support race of rush to answer & quiz game and random roll call

Student can participate in the race individually or as a group. Teacher can check the ranking of the race

to enhance the fun of classroom interaction. Teacher can also do the random roll call for classroom


  • Statistics and analysis of the answers are shown instantly in class

It supports teachers to explain questions in class from different aspects of answering details, scores distribution and error-prone questions.